10 Feng Shui Tips for your Front Door

Feng Shui for your Front Door

Feng Shui your front door to invite positive energy into your life


Front doors are one of the most important areas in Feng Shui. The walkway up to our front door, the door itself, and the space right inside is the transitional space of how we interact with the outside world. It is how the energy enters our space and represents how opportunities come to us.  This applies to businesses as well.

Take a minute to look at your front door from the outside. View it from a visitor’s point of view and with your Feng Shui eyes. Here are 10 things to look at and see if you need to make any adjustments:

  • How welcoming is your front door?

Take a look with your Feng Shui eyes and really pay attention to how welcoming your front door area is. We love to have welcoming energy here and don’t want to repel any of that fabulous chi (energy) coming to us. When our Feng Shui is great here, we are  inviting that energy, and therefore opportunities to us. You could add a nice clean welcome mat, or some plants near the front door. Remove any trash, shoes or piles or mail if need be.

  • When was the last time you cleaned your front door?

Maybe never. I never even thought about actually cleaning my front door until learning Feng Shui. It’s a great habit to get into. And a reminder that anything we do in the name of Feng Shui, we want to do with positive intentions. Are there any cobwebs that need to be swept off? Is the door itself clean?  They can get really dirty. Clean your front door with the intention of inviting that positive energy into your life. Don’t forget to clean the knobs too.

  • If you have a screen door, is that clean?

It is amazing how dirty screens can get. Every now and then hose or wipe them down.

  • Is the front door area well lit?

Safety is very important in Feng Shui. Not only does a well lit porch add safety, but it makes it much more inviting as well. And if the bulb burns out, make sure to replace it.

  • What is the pathway like approaching the front door?

Is it full of obstacles? Are plants overpowering the walkway? Is it paved and easy to walk on, or are there areas where people can trip? We want a nice, safe, unencumbered path to the front door. Obstacles here can manifest as obstacles of that energy making its way to you, or just general obstacles in life.

  • How easy is it to find your front door?

This is super important. We say in Feng Shui that if people have a hard time finding you, then chi has a hard time finding you. Of course YOU know where your front door is, but do visitors or delivery people? If this is a challenge for people, then you are definitely going to want to make some changes.

  • Does your door open up easily?

If it gets stuck, that could manifest as you being stuck in life. Is there a rug or anything that prevents it from opening easily? Hindrances in our spaces represent hindrances in our lives.

  • Do the hinges need oiled?

There are a couple of Feng Shui reasons for this. 1) Creaking hinges are not a welcoming sound (I mean, think about it, right?! Scary movies anyone?!) and 2) if the door doesn’t open up easily due to the hinges, that could represent things not running as smoothly as they could in your life. Remember we want flow and ease in our lives.

  • Does your front door open up all the way?

Meaning can you at least open the door to a 90-degree angle? If there are things behind the door that is preventing you from opening it up all the way, that can symbolize blockages in your life.

  • Do you actually use your front door?

Some people rarely or never use their front door. They will enter from inside the garage, or maybe park behind the house and enter from a back or side door. Once in a while that is fine, but if this is your norm, start using your front door. At the very least make sure to open your front door. If you can open it every day, great. If not, try to do it a few times a week. Maybe you can go out the front door to get your mail.

Again, in Feng Shui, the front door is how the energy enters our spaces. This invites new energy, which can be a variety of things you are wanting to invite into your life- money, love, opportunities, etc.

I hope these ideas are helpful and get you to look and appreciate your front door a little bit differently, and that you get to invite an abundance of amazing energy into your life.



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