Move 27 Things In Your Home: Feng Shui Tip for Feeling Stuck

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There is a Chinese Proverb, “If you want to change your life, move 27 things in your home”


One of the key principles in Feng Shui is energy flow.  We refer to energy as chi and Feng Shui loves to shake up stagnant chi. We say what is going on in your home is going on in your life and vice versa.  If you are feeling stuck, that can be reflected in the energy in your home.

A fun and easy Feng Shui tip is to simply move 27 things in your home and change that energy. Of course, this can be done in your office as well. This might seem a little odd, but what we are doing is shifting things by stirring up that stagnant energy. You can literally just pick up 27 different things and place them back in a slightly different place. You could completely rearrange 27 things, or move 27 things from one room to another. If you are trying to declutter your space, you could remove 27 things. These are just a few ideas and you can mix it up. This can be done just once, or if you are feeling frisky, you can do it for 27 days in a row for a more powerful effect. If 27 is too much, do 9 or 18. If you choose to do it more than just once, it is recommended to do it in some multiple of 9.

Why the number 27?


27 might seem like a random number, but it is a multiple of 9. There is significance with the number 9 in Feng Shui. It is considered incredibly auspicious as it is the highest single digit, the most Yang number, and is said to represent heaven energy.  We use the number 9 and its multiples (18, 27, 36, etc.) often in many “cures” or remedies, and symbolically when using Feng Shui.

So, the next time you are feeling stuck or just need a bit of an energetic nudge, try moving 27 things and watch what happens.


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