Since healthy homes is such an important topic, I just have to share this amazing product. I have no vested interest here, I just believe in this product. It is a hand steamer that lets you clean your house using just hot steam, no toxic chemicals. It is amazing and I am telling everyone about it. 


This website is for the Institute of Building Biology and Ecology. Tons of important information regarding creating healthy homes and environments. “Creating Save Havens in a toxic, electromagnetic worlds”.



As you are getting rid of your clutter, Freecycle is a fantastic way to pass your stuff on. Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc are great places as well, but sometimes you just have things you don’t want to just drop off somewhere. I have had such a positive experience with Freecycle. You find which geographical area makes sense for you, you then post for ex: OFFER- Drafting Table- Studio City and people email you if they are interested. You decide who gets it. It is always for free and there is no tax write off, but you know that your items are going to go and have a new life and everyone is so appreciative. I have nothing but great things to say about this service. People have come to my home to pick the items up, I have never had a problem and everyone has been polite, respectful and grateful. This is my personal experience with this.  


 Plants are amazing Chi enhancers, but please be careful if you have pets. The ASPCA has what plants are toxic and non toxic to different animals.