“I had an excellent consultation with Lisa. She identified a few areas for improvement in my work space — both ‘cures’ for trouble spots and ways to amplify the good areas– as well as some really good ways to combine a practical organization with good Feng Shui. It’s been much easier to work in a productive and focused manner since I implemented her suggestions, and she was really helpful in a follow-up message to clarify one of the cures. Highly recommended!
Tom M.
Studio City, CA
"I so appreciate Lisa and her wonderful Feng Shui consult of my home.
She gave me so many great ideas and insights that it started me on a
cleaning spree, the likes of which I never had been motivated to do
before. She helped me see my home through new eyes inspiring me to
create a new calming joyful space. I highly recommend her.”
Geri Greenberg
Sherman Oaks, CA
“In the short amount of time since implementing Lisa’s Feng Shui expertise, I have experienced wonderful shifts in my life. Going room to room, mindfully changing the dynamic of the space to create a maximized flow of energy has been both practically effective and a meditative experience. Once I reorganized my space and got rid of what was not serving my goals and vision for my life, I have started to see dramatic shifts in my creative energy, attitude and unexpected business opportunities.
She thoughtfully works with you to specifically address what you’re working toward in your life and helps you tailor your space to mirror what you want. I love how the lessons of Feng Shui transcend from just a singular experience to a daily, nurturing approach to interacting with your space. It’s such an empowering method to optimize your energy and positively focus your attention. Much like gardening, you can expect that the care and attention you place on self care, ie Feng Shui, will result in your life blossoming in a beautiful way.
Thank YOU Lisa!! “
Brenda W.
Los Angeles, CA
“Lisa’s Feng Shui consultation was fun and very informative! She helped me make many positive changes in my home which have drastically improved the energy in every area of my life!”
Tanna M.
Encino, CA
“Lisa, I’m so happy with the service you provided and I have done each and every thing you suggested. I believe that cleaning house was a tremendous improvement in my clarity and also I can see that so much opportunity came in the door as a result almost immediately upon making the corrections. I love my newly cleansed and arranged surroundings and got some junk out to charity, and the bin as well as reducing my storage dollar amount. Thanks for all. ”
Melinda R.
Los Angeles, CA
“Both my husband and I had been feeling stuck for a while. We were very fortunate to have found Lisa- it was such a blessing to have her come and feng shui our home. She did such a wonderful job explaining the rules/ basics and what could be stopping the flow of more opportunities, joy and overall- more good coming into our lives.
I was surprised to see that once we got started, my husband was much more open to it than I expected! We did a walk-thru of our house and she very politely pointed out what energy blocks we had and gave us suggestions and cures to help us create the life we both want. It made so much sense! We were holding onto old stuff out of guilt or fear and other things in our home that were subconsciously blocking us.
I am excited to see how this will change our lives for the better! I’d highly recommend everyone start here to get your home to be as peaceful and harmonious as possible to get the life you want. Thank you Lisa! ”
Audi R.
Sherman Oaks, CA
“I have recently met Lisa Ystrom, a most gifted Feng Shui Consultant. From the moment she came into my home, I felt I surge of energy enter along with her. I knew little about this most interesting area which is an ancient art that helps balance energy in a home. She explained this concept and then took me on a walk of my home. I listened very carefully and realized I was not harmonizing myself with my environment. I was sad when entering my living room, but did not know why. A shifting of furniture in my this room, suggested by Lisa, brought about a calm feeling expressed by friends and family, before realizing what I had done.
What a beautiful difference. Would recommend Lisa highly, and cannot wait to see her again.”
Barbara M.
Studio City, CA
“Lisa’s open heart and passion for life spills over into her profession and is a natural fit for the work she does. She came over to my home to assess my living space during a stagnant period of my professional and personal life that had lasted for half a year. Lisa’s suggestions brought much needed tranquility, boundaries, and order into my life. This mental shift translated into nearly immediate advancement in my professional life the following week as well as stability into my personal relationships. These benefits have been ongoing as long as I am mindful of my surroundings. Make no mistake, you do the work, but Lisa’s guidance and experience guides you along the way to fruitful results and growth.”
Hank C.
Los Angeles, CA
“I have been Feng Shui-ed by Lisa and I’m never going back! She gave me a wealth of knowledge about my home space that I greatly appreciate. I knew very little about Feng Shui and Lisa answered all of my questions very clearly. Most importantly, I was able to easily speak with her about a number of topics concerning my personal space. She focused on the areas that I asked and was very thorough and helpful. I already feel clearer and am seeing improvements. I would highly recommend her to anyone without hesitation.”
Jen D.
Studio City, CA
“I had Lisa come over and look at my office from a Feng Shui perspective, and it was very helpful. Lisa was very knowledgeable and clear in her observations. She gave me several great ideas for improving the energy of my office and it is feeling so much better now! Thanks Lisa! “
Carolyn Osborn
Energy Intuitive–Encino, CA
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