Feng Shui Ideas for the New Year

Intentional Living Feng Shui New Year

Feng Shui Ideas for the New Year

The New Year is a great time to use Feng Shui to invite in and welcome new energy so here are a few ideas. And a reminder that the more intention we have behind anything we are doing in the name of Feng Shui, the better results we are going to get.


Anytime is good for decluttering and I mention this a lot. The New Year is a wonderful time to let go of things that we no longer need or use and make room for exciting new opportunities to come in. This can be anything from paper clutter to broken items to chipped dishes to clutter in your kitchen or refrigerator. Or on your refrigerator! Take a look at all those things you have attached with those cute little magnets to the front or sides of your fridge. Try taking them off and seeing how much better it feels.

Clean Your Desk

Not only clean your desk for the New Year, but I highly recommend doing it on a daily basis. The effect can be quite amazing if you clean and organize your desk at the end of each workday. I will confess, this is a continuous challenge for me. I’m setting a super strong New Year’s intention to keep up with this. I am just one of those people where the paper multiplies on my desk because I always have so many things going on. And sometimes I’m just too tired at the end of the day, but it is the same principle as decluttering. We want to keep making room for those new opportunities to come in. Plus, it just makes you feel more empowered and clear when you start each day with an organized desk. I know what a difference this makes for me when I stick to it. 

Please try this if it is a challenge for you as well. This applies whether you work from home or go to an office. Trust me, this one makes a huge difference.

Change your bed sheets, or even get some new ones

It is a great habit to change your sheets every week. We highly recommend this in Feng Shui. We say in Feng Shui, the closer things are to us, the greater the impact they have on us. And think about it, there is not much that gets closer to us than our bedding. And theoretically, we are spending a third of our lives in our beds. 

Keeping those sheets clean is very important and a great little reset is to start the New Year with new sheets, or at the very least clean ones. And when you do, take a few moments and savor how wonderful those clean sheets feel. I know that might sound silly and who doesn’t like that feeling, but take it a step further and really enjoy it. Aaaaaah! Have some gratitude for them as well.

Clear out your wallet

Clear out your wallet or start the New Year with a new one if necessary. Take a look and pay attention to what condition your wallet is in. Is it time for a replacement? One of the most popular things people Feng Shui for is prosperity. I would venture to guess it is also something many people would like to invite in for the upcoming year. I could go deeper into this, but for now, remove any receipts, unless you are about to return something. Otherwise, receipts represent money going out, and we don’t want that energy hanging around our wallet. Money in, please! So clear out any receipts, notes, gum wrappers, etc., etc. And actually clean your wallet. Wipe it down if need be. And it is great to make this a regular habit.

Organize and enhance your entryway

Is the entrance to where you live, or work, inviting? Feng Shui is all about having inviting energy for the things we are wanting to bring into our lives. Take a look at your entry and evaluate it. Is it welcoming? Yay, if it is. If not, then clean it up, and make the necessary changes. Make sure the lights work. Clear out any shoes. Maybe get a new rug, or a welcoming piece of art, or some flowers. Look at it objectively and with Feng Shui eyes. If you were a guest or visitor, does it feel welcoming?

As always, I hope this gives you a few inspirational ideas. Feng Shui is a continuous process and every little bit makes a difference.

Sending many New Years Blessings!


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