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Feng Shui Decorating for the Holidays

Regardless of which holiday(s) you celebrate, chances are you might be doing some decorating and so why not do it with Intention and Feng Shui for the Holidays.

Holiday decorating can be wonderful. It changes the energy of our spaces and lifts our spirits. Decorations are usually uplifting, beautiful, and enjoyable. Adding some positive new energy is always great Feng Shui. And if you add some Feng Shui intention behind it, you can give it some extra oomph.

Here are few ways that you can enhance your Holiday Feng Shui.

You can decorate according to the Bagua. Bagua graphic with ideas below. (You can also download a Bagua here). 

Prosperity Gua

The element of Wood enhances this area, so this is a great place for the Christmas tree. This is also a great place for any symbols of wealth. Green represents the wood element. The color associated with prosperity is purple. I love the purple/green color combination.  You can also use Gold as a symbol of wealth here. 

Family Gua

The element of wood enhances this area as well, so another great place for a Christmas tree. This would be a great place to display a family portrait or family pictures. This would also be a great place for anything that would pertain to your family’s traditions.

Fame and Reputation Gua

Fire is the element here and wood supports fire so another great place for the Christmas tree. Red represents the fire element. The traditional color scheme of red and green is perfect here.  Fire element is also represented by lights, candles, and stars. This is a great place for lighting and displaying the Menorah. Also a great place for poinsettias.

Love and Relationship Gua 

Pinks are great here. If I had one of those fabulous retro pink Christmas trees, this is where I would put it. Red would work here too as fire element supports earth.

Creativity and Children Gua

Metal is the element that supports this area so whites, silvers, and other metallic colors. Also, it is a great place for toys and any of the more whimsical decorations.  Placing decorations with the word JOY would be wonderful here.

Helpful People and Travel Gua

Metal also supports this area, so again whites, silvers and other metallic colors. This is a great place for angels or anything heaven or celestial related too.  Maybe some silver garland or tinsel here.

Career Gua

Water is the element for here. Blue and black represent water. Metal supports water, so traditional Hannukah colors of Blue and White are fantastic here.

Skills and Knowledge

Earth is the element here.  Square shapes represent earth, so square shaped boxes would be good. Beiges and earth tones are the colors. Then fire supports earth, so the color red, candles or lights.


Earth is also the element here, again supported by fire. Beiges, earth tones and yellows. Square shaped candles would be great here .

Feng Shui for the Holidays Intentional Living Feng Shui

In addition to the Bagua approach, here are some other ideas:


Reminder that our front door is very important in Feng Shui, so when we add a colorful wreath, holiday welcome mat or any other holiday decorations, those are great ways to enhance the front door chi.  Poinsettias outside your front door are also wonderful.


Music is a great way to stir up and enhance our chi.


Feng Shui involves all of our senses, so those yummy holiday scents can really raise our vibe too. Cinnamon in particular is said to release negative energies and attract positive ones. 


Words have energy, so decorations that display words like Blessings, Joy, Peace, etc. are great to display.  We might want to even keep these words around all year long.


They are just fun and great energy. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t get uplifted by some wonderful twinkle lights.

Hoping this gives you a few creative Holiday Feng Shui ideas and helps you look at your decorations through Feng Shui eyes. There are so many ways we can get creative with Feng Shui. We truly can bring it into just about anything. Our surroundings are always impacting us, so the more we create them with intention, the better we are going to feel.

May the holiday season fill your home with joy, your heart with love, and your life with laughter.

Wishing everyone a beautiful and safe holiday season!


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