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Pay Attention to Your Outdoor Feng Shui


Outdoor Feng Shui doesn’t get talked about as much as indoor Feng Shui, but nurturing our outside environments is also very important. Often our yards, gardens, and balconies get neglected, but the better our outside energy (chi) is, the better it can funnel that great energy into our homes and offices. Giving our exteriors some TLC is one more way of getting that support in life from the Feng Shui perspective. Also, connecting to nature is incredibly beneficial to our overall well-being.

Thousands of years ago, one of the original applications of Feng Shui was used in finding the best location for a home. They would pay attention to the placement of the home on the land, and the vegetation, and make sure it would be protected from the winds and the elements. Eventually, they started applying the principles to interiors.

In Feng Shui, something does not need to be seen to affect us. There are many examples of this, one being clutter in a cupboard or closet. We might not see it, but energetically it is still affecting us. This also happens in our yards. We might not see the tool shed or the storage unit, but they still have an energetic impact on us. They can nag at us in the background. 

Knowing I was going to write about this topic made me look around my own patio. I ended up calling Bulky Item Pickup to take away a few things from my yard that were way past their prime. (Note: Just in case you don’t know what I’m referring to if you live in a house in Los Angeles, and you use the green, blue, or black trash bins that the city picks up, the Sanitation Department also provides a free service called Bulky Item Pick Up. Here is their contact info:  www.lacitysan.org and phone number is 800-773-2489. They will pick up several types of random items. For example, I got rid of patio chairs that are no longer good, an old patio umbrella stand, and a roll of bamboo fencing that never got used and had deteriorated. I imagine each city has its own version of this service). 

There are several things we can do to improve the Feng Shui of our outdoor spaces, but for today here are 9 Outdoor Feng Shui Tips:

(1) Remove any dying or dead plants, trees, or flowers

Removing anything that might be dragging the chi down is wonderful for our Feng Shui. Sometimes it is just a matter of pruning, but if something is actually dead, then you want to remove it.

(2) Remove any clutter that has accumulated outside

This could be old tools, pots, or patio furniture that has deteriorated. Sometimes I see old toys for the kids like tricycles or wagons that are no longer being used. If they are still in good shape, but your kids have outgrown them, consider donating or giving them away.

(3) Sweep away any dead leaves

This alone can really liven the energy up in a yard. 

(4) Keep water features clean

We love properly placed water features in Feng Shui. If you have features such as ponds or bird baths, make sure they are maintained and are not stagnant or dirty. There is a huge connection to water and prosperity in Feng Shui and we want these to be taken care of.

(5) Be mindful of pointy plants or cactus 

Feng Shui doesn’t really recommend either, but if you do have them keep them away from paths or front doors, or anywhere people or pets can get poked. We want to keep safety and comfort in mind, and we don’t want anyone to get hurt. Not to mention sharp edges are generally not considered inviting energy.

(6) Add flowers

Feng Shui loves fragrant flowers, but flowers, in general, are wonderful. They can add some great color and liven up a space.

(7) Bring in bird feeders or bird baths

 Attracting birds to your yard is wonderful Feng Shui. If birds or squirrels come around, it is a good sign of positive chi in your yard.

(8) Add some seating

Adding a nice bench or outdoor chairs is a great way to bring in inviting energy. If you have a place to go sit in your yard, please do take advantage and enjoy it. Spending some time outside is a wonderful way to perk up our personal energy. 

(9) Add some outdoor lighting

Not only does it add to the safety of the yard, but it can completely change the feel of the space. Who doesn’t get delighted by a lovely string of twinkle lights!?

There are so many ways to enhance our outdoor Feng Shui, but these are just a few ideas. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, yard, or balcony make sure to take time to spend out there. Removing ourselves from the TV, news, computer, or work, and taking some time outside really helps balance and restore us.


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